We have put together a collection of things that we think will help you. Feel free to browse, download the resources that you feel may be helpful and share with your friends and colleagues.

Downloadable Documents and Web Links

Leadership Development 1 – on Purpose and Practice, a 2005 research paper
Leadership Development 2 – in Context, a useful 2006 research paper
The Neuroscience of Leadership – a fascinating article on importance of focusing on solutions
Leadership Competencies – a 2006 paper arguing that competencies are not enough
Coaching Scorecard – suggestions on evaluating coaching in business

Career Coaching
My Next Move – a great US based site to help think about careers
Career Management – a useful 2004 guide from CIPD on wider perspectives for managing your career
When NOT to use coaching! – a useful paper on when coaching is not appropriate

Personal Coaching
Wheels of Life – simple and effective forms to help you take holistic view of your goals
GROW Model – a simple form to help you take action (see accompanying article)
Does coaching work? – an article from 2005 by the CIPD on coaching
Coaching Benefits – an artcile from 2008 by the CIPD on coaching
EMCC Code of Ethics – the professional standard that we adhere to

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