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Would it help if you had a free chat about your requirements for professional development and coaching?


To be honest, most people I meet have had no experience of coaching, and are not sure what to expect. Perhaps you feel like that too. To help with that, I offer a 30 minute discussion, in person or on the telephone, so we can discuss how you think coaching may be of benefit to you. I can then share with you what coaching is all about, how it has helped others I have worked with, and what it can help you with (and as importantly what it can’t do for you) I don’t promise things I can’t deliver!


You need to be clear on what you want and also feel that we can work well together. I want to be certain I can support you on your journey. Once we have talked this through, then the next step is up to you. There is no obligation on either side, as it is important is that we both feel safe and that we can commit to making any further arrangement work for you.


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