Career Coaching

In times of constant change and uncertainty, sometimes it is better to take control of your career rather than leaving it to others. Only you have your best interests at heart. Managing your career means you have more choices to do what you want to do with your career.

Career coaching can help in a number of ways:

  • To work out the best course of action when redundancy is announced
  • To manage the emotional roller-coaster, whether the change is by choice or circumstance
  • To determine which career is best suited to your talents
  • To focus on a career path that will give you long term job satisfaction
  • To draw up a plan to find the best job for you
  • To develop your CV and accompanying letter to get you that interview
  • To be your best at interview
  • To negotiate the best deal when the job offer is made
  • To successfully manage your first 90 days in the new role
  • To make a successful transition to retirement

At Authentic Change we have many years of experience of career coaching, from both personal experience and through helping many others achieve their ambitions and aspirations in managing their career.


“I completed a series of coaching sessions with Phil who helped me to achieve some very powerful insights which I could never have reached on my own. Phil’s style is very supportive and re-assuring but at the same time he is probing and challenging. I have now found an enhanced ability to handle conflict constructively, to develop a more compassionate approach towards myself and others, and to function more effectively as a leader at a range of levels both external and internal”


David Currie , Chief Executive Officer, AlbaPharm Ltd


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