About Us

Authentic Change Ltd

We inspire professional people to deal with a complex and challenging world, providing greater clarity and a sense of purpose to their lives. We support individuals to find and deliver solutions that are impacting on their daily activities in order to be more fulfilled and ultimately more successful. We provide one-to-one executive coaching, as well as leadership, management and personal development solutions.

Authentic is about being true to yourself, your values and your beliefs. We have all admired those who lead with passion and energy. People who manage without effort. Role models who do it all with a smile. They do it with integrity. From a place that provides all the drive and motivation to succeed.

Change is inevitable. Everyone seeks change for different reasons, yet we all want the same thing. To feel in control of life. We may not necessarily be aware that change is what we want. We begin to look closely at ourselves. We hear ourselves saying that things are not quite right, and we feel that something must be done. Some choose to see change as an opportunity. A chance for continuous improvement. A chance to change for the better. To succeed in all areas of life.

Our Mission
We Connect with people in a Caring way to find Solutions. As Leaders and Coaches, we seek to make a Positive Contribution, Serving with Love, Integrity and Humility

Our Vision
To offer excellence in Executive Coaching, Business Coaching and Personal Coaching throughout the UK and Internationally. Our personal, pragmatic and purposeful approach will help clients live and work according to their values, be true to themselves and to provide support to achieve their Vision

Our Beliefs

People have more potential than they exhibit
People have unlimited resources
People have more choices than they realise
People have all the solutions, sometimes they just need to be shown the way
Freedom is available to everyone
Most businesses value their shareholders more than their employees
Most businesses do not see Work Life Balance as adding value

Our Approach
A flexible coaching style, allowing the clients to find their own solutions
An open and transparent contract, with the proposals, methodology and the fees mutually agreed and the outcomes clearly identified
Strict client confidentiality is adhered to
Continuous improvement is enabled through regular reviews, with open and honest feedback

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