Do you have a regular routine at the start of your day?

There is a lot of advice out there on how important morning rituals are, and I must say I have to agree with most of it. They are a great way to get a consistent and positive start to your day.

I start mine early with some exercise. I have always found that the early morning is the perfect start to the day. It helps me wake up, heart gets pumping and at the end of whatever activity I am doing, I’m full of positive energy to get the day going. I love the outdoors so in the summer months I’ll be out running or cycling. As I want to exercise consistently, during the winter months I’ll exercise indoors doing gym work and go for a walk later in the day.

After cooling down from exercise I’ll get the porridge started, have a shower and then enjoy a decaf tea and some porridge with some fruit once I’m dressed. My favourite combination is porridge and mango, along with some earl grey tea.

As the tea cools down to drinking temperature I’ll do my morning pages, 10 minutes of writing in my journal about whatever is going on in my head. This free flow of conscious thought onto the page can be quite challenging, but sometimes leads to some really cool ‘Aha’ moments as the unconscious stuff eventually pours onto the page. A treasure trove of insights.

That done, I’ll meditate for 20 to 30 minutes, using a variety of techniques from mindfulness breathing through to self guided meditations.

All that will be done before I switch on the phone / tablet / computer, putting me in the perfect frame of mind to start the day.

This is a routine that has developed over time. I have tried different things, some things have worked, other haven’t; it’s been a matter of trial and error, but it works for me. Maybe something will work for you.

How do you start your day? Does it energise you or not?