How was your weekend? Did you manage to get everything you planned to do, whether it was to relax or prepare for Christmas?

It is interesting that at a time when I am developing a new planning system to turn dreams into reality, the plans I had laid out for the weekend had no resemblance to what actually happened.
As Helmuth von Moltke said in the 1890’s: “No plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force”. In this sense one should understand Napoleon’s saying: “I have never had a plan of operations.”

Is there any point in planning then? Should I invest any more time in putting together a practical and pragmatic tool to help navigate the every day scenarios we all face? Well, of course I should, as I am a firm believer that any plan, from the simplest to the most complex, is merely a communication tool. Something you help yourself in organising the things that are important to you and / or to share with others to help you. Plan always change, a simple reflection of life.

So when things don’t quite ‘go to plan’ the best course of action is to smile, regroup, and consider what to do next. Review the plan and adapt, or start again. In my case it was a matter of adapting, turning what was originally intended to be a 1 hour task into something that took all afternoon. My reward for a successful outcome was a pint of Guinness.

Whatever you plan and however it turns out, I wish you a wonderful Christmas!