signpost with success happinessI am already preparing for next year. A little early but perhaps it will be useful to get a head start for a change and more importantly, doing something that is likely to be more sustainable.

I have started the process by reviewing my Wheels of Life. The wheel of life is a popular tool, I first came across it on  Mindstore course back in 2003, and have seen many iterations of the tool that stem back thousands of years. I have designed my own version that I use with my coaching clients, and has two wheels, an inner wheel and an outer one. The latter is similar to those found everywhere else, focusing on success, however you care to define that. The inner wheel looks at happiness, and looks at the processes that are going on within you, and aims to help increase levels of self awareness and consciousness. From these two wheels I can set my goals for the period ahead, and so plan my journey to a more holistic, fulfilling and authentic future.

I have shared the forms as pdf’s, feel free to use them for your personal use, and let me have any questions or comments. I’d be pleased to help you.

Wheels of Life