Forming new habits is all very well and, as I mentioned last week, I am certainly motivated as things have been going so well. I have gone onto the next stage of the exercise programme, which has ramped up the level of intensity. The routines are a little strange but I’m getting used to them. However, just when I was getting into the flow of it I felt a twinge in my muscles on the Friday which caused me to pause a moment. I managed to get going again, at a slower pace, and decided it best for me to take the Saturday and the Sunday as rest days to give me time to recover. I am pleased to report all is well and I’m back on the routine.

So what’s this all about? I suppose it is a matter of listening to my body and taking it easy, but also one of perseverance. I have faced many challenges in life, personally and at work, all of which seem to throw me off track. It is sometimes all too easy to decide to give up all together, persuading myself I’d done well to get as far as I have and then get stuck into the mince pies and mulled wine. After all, its nearly Christmas! Yet, I’m not going to do that as I have a clear picture in my mind of being fit and healthy, and going into 2018 ready to take on new cycling and running challenges as the days get longer and warmer. That vision has certainly helped, and this morning this incident has spurred me on to prepare for 2018. I have begun by my review of 2017, as I find that a useful basis for knowing where I have done well (a pat on the back does wonders!) and what I need to improve so that I can make next coming year better. It also gives me an opportunity to complete some of those outstanding tasks, so I can sign off the year with a few more quick wins. I certainly intend to complete the exercise programme!

As the week turns from November into December, perhaps it is time to consider how your year has been so far, and what do you need to complete to make the year even better?