You all know how it works. If you want to form a new habit, take out your calendar and do what you want to do for 30 days and hey presto, you have a habit. I’ve tried it many times and it works. There is a lot of research on this out there, James Clear is one of the better ones.

My latest habit was to resolve how to maintain my exercise through the winter months. I was already cycling 3 times a week for up to 90 minutes a session. I go out early in the morning when the roads are quiet and get the bonus of seeing some great sunrises. However, the mornings are getting darker, so I needed something else. I also want to get leaner and lose a bit more weight. So, I did some research and decided to do some high impact training every morning. This involves 30 minutes high energy workouts. Now, I confess I’m not a fan of gyms, circuits or anything that keeps me indoors, but I had to think big picture. Running or cycling in the morning isn’t going to work for me, or driving to a gym to pay for a session along with other fit and lean folk. I’m over 50, after all. So, I found something that seemed suitable, got the videos and started doing the exercises in the kitchen.

It took some time to get into it. The kitchen is pretty cold in the mornings, but the 5 minute warm up sorts that out, and then I’m into the serious exercises. The schedule is for 6 days and a rest day on Sunday, so quite a change from 3 runs / rides a week. I also find squats, press ups, etc pretty boring, and for modesty I ensure the blinds are closed. Don’t want to frighten the neighbours!

So, 30 odd days in, I’m pleased to report I’m still going. Only missed one day as I went to visit the children and didn’t want to embarrass myself sweating and breathing hard in front of them. The results are a leaner body and a loss of weight. Still have 4 weeks to go, but starting to enjoy the routines. I’m going for walks to get me outside, so overall this habit is well and truly formed.

How about you? What habit do you need to get into? Try the 3 R’s to help you:

  1. Set a reminder for your new habit (for me, 7am each morning and following a 60 day schedule helps)
  2. Make getting started easy (I was already up early for exercising, so I just used that)
  3. Celebrate your success (my reward is a lie in on Sunday!)

I took a few videos of my routine at the half way stage. One was in real time, and that was really boring to watch, but helped me check out my form on the exercises. The other, a time-lapse, turned out much funnier than I expected, so I share it with you to enjoy as well.