Phil on train
It has been some time since I last posted. The time felt right to re-connect. Last week I get an email out of the blue asking for a reference from someone I last worked with over 15 years ago. It brought back those memories of a life that almost feels like it was someone else’s, a different time when I was focused on other things and driven by motives that almost seem alien to me.


As I reflected back on those intervening years, I see much change in my life and circumstances. I have divorced, remarried, moved home three times, helped my daughter being born into the world, witnessed my father-in-law passing away, and worked with some amazing people (… and others who were less so, I admit), amongst many other things. A rich tapestry accompanied by a complex and twisting narrative. So many emotions, so much experience and learning, and all a day at a time.

How did your story go? How was your hero’s adventure? What’s up next? Perhaps we can share together on this journey. Welcome back.