Yesterday I eventually got the bathroom ready for painting. Stripping the walls and ceiling of the original wood chip wallpaper and the many coats of paint on top seems to have taken an age. A lot more time than I originally planned. Up and down that ladder, stripping, scrubbing and cleaning to give clean surfaces prepared for their first coat of white.

I have found in many areas that good preparation saves time and helps the work go in the direction I generally want it to. Whether it is preparing for a meeting, a conference or a one to one coaching session, the more work I do beforehand, the better the outcome.

It is always useful, despite all the pre-work, to be open minded about the outcome and flexible in the approach. As the wallpaper and paint get stripped back, you just never know what you will find hidden behind the layers. Things that have been there many years. I have found that with coaching too. I go in all prepared, ready to pick up the threads from the last session, with an outline all prepared, when the client has a completely new issue that needs to be discussed. You never know what you might come across.

So, good preparation is important. Of course, you know that, yet sometimes you can’t always be bothered, and other times the preparation causes more work than seems necessary. All that preparation is always worth it, but be prepared for the unexpected…