Do you take your personal development seriously?

A serious question. Really! There is a spectrum of people regarding personal development. There are some who read every personal development book there is, watch every inspirational TED video and listen to all the mantras on the many podcasts out there. There are others who just get on with their life, grinding through each day, taking the opportunities and the challenges as they come. There are all those in between. So what is the right way?

Well, in all honesty, whatever is right for you. If you are OK where you are right now, then perhaps that’s just where you need to be. If you feel a little uncomfortable with life, want something a bit more, then perhaps it is time to start looking. I only work with people who want to make change, and perhaps are a little stuck, or just want a bit of guidance. At the end of the day, it is your life, your journey, and your right to live it the way you wish.

I have included this amusing, slightly tongue in cheek film from Nic Askew, to set you up for the weekend, whatever you may be doing. Essential watching for those thinking about getting a(nother) self development book…