How many times have you asked “Who am I?”

As I was listening to a personal development CD, the question came up yet again, and as ever the facilitator guided me down the route of understanding the various roles in life. Partner, father, worker and so on. I am sure that you have seen the same. Yet I have never felt at ease with this. These are things that I do rather than who I am.

The CD went on the ask about me, whether I am male or female, tall or thin, fat or thin, leader or follower, a loving person or evil. I am always amazed that others love to label me. When people are unable to cope with the complexity of the world and the beauty that surrounds us all, they generalise us and put us into boxes. Type A or type B, characteristic 1 or 2, and so on. These classifications help them to judge us, but do not serve me or you.

The latest plaudits say that I am just energy, held together by something magical, a life force that is unique to me. We are all just one, connected across the universe through our common building blocks of quantum energy and matter. I like to take this a step further. I think that my uniqueness is my energy signature, the levels of my vibration at various levels that help identify who I am. It is a bit like the cascading characters that are seen on the film ‘The Matrix’. The characters continuously change, so that at any moment I am made up of one set of numbers, and in the next, I have a brand new set of numbers defining me. Continuous change. Isn’t life like that?

This moment as you read these works is unique. It has now gone, and will never be repeated, even if you choose to read these words again. If you choose time as a measure, then any time in the past will never be the same as this moment, or any moment in the future. Our molecular structure of our body has changed in that moment, the connections in our brain have altered, we are not the same person we were just a moment ago.

Then perhaps the moment of choice for you and I is who do we want to be now? Perhaps I would like to be different from what I was a moment ago, yet by definition you already are. You have already changed, whether you like it or not. The exquisite conclusion that you may wish to draw from this is that you may wish to choose who you become in the next moment. You will change anyway, so why not change for something that you want? Why accept what you have been given and how about taking what you want?

All it takes is a thought, a simple change in your own vibration, your unique signature, and you can have anything. You, and you alone, have that power. Choose. Be who you want to be. Now.

At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.
Lao Tzu (6th century BC)
Chinese philosopher