Are you wondering who or what you are?

My recent literary travels have taken me on explorations of science and religion. I am not sure why, but when there is a calling I find it best to follow it and see where it takes me. Maybe it is my state of mind though most certainly it is my curiosity about life.

The questions about life have been around since we could think and I suspect that is why we have never come up with satisfactory answers. At both intellectual and practical levels the answers that are offered seem to prompt new questions. New questions yield new answers, and yet more questions. And so it continues.

My quest has taken me to Alice in Wonderland and through a series of related and unrelated links to the film “Down the Rabbit Hole”. In this film, the opening sequence struck a real chord with me. Imagine the scene if you will. A headline on the evening news. “A Coming Together of Science and Religion”. Reports from around the world that once opposing points of view have at last come together to see life, the world and even the universe from the same perspective. They agree on the answers, and potentially on how to live our lives.

Of course, anyone familiar with Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory would have predicted such an eventual outcome. As we evolve in our thinking, we are able to see the complete worldview picture, not just a slice or segment of it. Our thinking will naturally evolve to one where we see everything as part of a greater power or energy.

That is where science and religion come together. The former tells us that through E=MC², so we are all just mass and energy, that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Quantum physics tells us that we are all made from the same energy and that we are all interconnected. The latter tells us that God is the source of life, he is everlasting, and that God is within us all. Both are saying the same. We are all one.

Think about that for a moment. I am connected to you as you read this. You are connected to me, and everyone else I know or am aware of. We are connected to everything, not just on this planet, but across the whole universe. As energy, we exist here and now, in this place and simultaneously in every place across the universe. Time has no meaning, as we exist across all time. As we are made up of energy that, by definition, cannot be created or destroyed, then that also tells us something else. We are immortal.

Before that takes your thoughts into the realms of science fiction or simple scepticism, I have to add a word of caution. The immortality we have is at the quantum level. That level that is so small that we have yet to fathom the laws that govern it. Of course we all live on a different level, the physical level, where the laws are well understood, where our bodies grow old, as does the universe itself. So we die.

Yet, that does not change the fact that part of us is immortal. Even more than that, we have a sense of that part. I wonder how you sense that part of you that is immortal, connected to everything. Perhaps when you are sleeping, or when you are happy or when you see something so beautiful it takes your breathe away? Perhaps when you feel a true sense of love.

It is in those moments that we all feel connected. Connected by an energy that cannot be created or destroyed. Perhaps that energy could be love itself?

With love,


“Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on”
Winston Churchill (1874-1965)
Soldier, author, statesman